Take It Back

by The Gage Brothers

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    This album was released in 2015, and was the first full length album The Gage Brothers did. It was recorded right in greater Akron at the historic Rialto theater. Artwork was submitted by a fan, Brianna DeSanto. Final album design and custom font was handled by Ryan Keel.

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released August 15, 2015

Produced by JADE Studios in Kenmore, OH.
Mastered by JamBox Entertainment Studios in NYC, NY
Illustration by Brianna DeSanto
Album Design by Ryan Keel
Cello tracks by Sam Kristoff of The Speedbumps



all rights reserved


The Gage Brothers Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Working Man
The working man, he ain't got no rights
He works all day, he sleeps all night
He's kept too tired, so he won't fight
The working man, he works with spite

The working man, he can't get away
He can't rise up, out of social decay
He keeps his head down, so he'll get his pay
The working man, yeah he works all day

Woe is me, I'm in misery
I know I can't stop now
Let me be, forever free
I got to have it somehow

The working man oh there's nothing he can do
He bites his tongue so he can get through
All the stress and all the pain, but that ain't nothing new
The working man, he's getting screwed

The working man he's running out of time
He works so hard, just to make a dime
He can't move up, there's nothing he can climb
The working man, it ain't no crime

It will all get better, that's what we're told
So we keep our heads down and stand out in the cold
There ain't no use in trying to break the mold
The working man, he'll stay controlled

Don't rise up, just to be shot back down
It's where we belong, lying on the ground
Oh work all day, and have a few rounds
The working man, will he ever be found
Track Name: Heads Up
Talking to a good source, have some news for you
Add some water to that big ole pot of stew
Three more hungry mouths to feed, and they've been empty for awhile
Seems you don't get much for a folk song and a smile

Heads up mama, the boys are heading home
Kicking off their shoes and raising hell
Been a long time since they've both come around
And it'll be a long time again, as far as I can tell

Step from that window sis, don't want to be seen
Boys are coming home and they've been known for being mean
They seem do get a smile when you're wearing a frown
Don't let that fool you, they're feeling pretty down

Get the list dad of the jobs to be done
They'll mark em all of and complain about everyone one
They'll do them halfway and leave you to the rest
But when they're working hard is when they're feeling best

They're friends all left them a month or two ago
When their music faded and their song were getting old
One that stuck around was the bottle of the brown
The whiskey burns the sad way when it's going down
Track Name: Hear Me
I was born not too long ago
Put in my time here below
I've learned some things worth knowing , I've traveled round and round
And I know I got a ways to go, Before I settle down

I live like each day is my last
But I see the time rolling past
And ill keep on going, just working hard to pay my bills
Life is just starting, but I feel like I've had my fill

Where am I going, where have I gone
Hear my voice, and oh uh hear my song

I will follow and keep walking down this road
Ill trade my youth as I grow old
The good gets better and the bad gets worse
I know there ain't no use, this is my curse
Track Name: Let You Go
Oh darling don't you weep, don't you bow your head
I'll be back soon enough, just remember what I've said

I'll take away your troubles; I'll take away your pains
You lean on my shoulder as we stand out in the rain

Don't worry about what's missing, it can always be found
In the place you least expect it, it'll come around

Take my hand, let’s have this one last dance
Hold on tight give our love chance

Oh I'll never let you go
You're mine you're all mine tonight

It's you that I care for, no one else will do
I listen to your heart, I know it's true...girl I'm in love with you
Track Name: Done You Wrong
Oh my baby, I'm sorry I done you wrong
I haven't loved you the way I should for so long

Oh my lord, I know that I have sinned
All my morals and dreams, have blown away in the wind

Oh momma forgive me for what I've done
I won't come round no more, I don't deserve to be your son

Oh take these troubles, takes these pains
It all keeps adding up, I'm going insane
Track Name: Take It Back
Settle into my ways with no escape
Feel the tension build
A cruel world and a crueler fate
I'm am empty I am filled

Shadows fade in the morning light
A darkness still remains
A beacon of hope is in my sight
This feeling it stays the same

Take it back, I'll give it all
How can I go on who will catch me when I fall
I've had enough, to get my fill
Too much surrounding me nothing will hold still

An empty bottle a burning cigarette
Is this all I am
The tension is there it's my regret
My body my mind be damned

Forget the troubles and leave the pain
Nothing now is here
A forgotten moment I have gained
Let the world now disappear
Track Name: Anyway You Can
It's cold out there, but I still feel warm
She cares for me and quiets the storm
What more could I ask, what more could I take
I have it all, this love won't break

I needed someone to take care of me
I can't do it all myself, that I can see
A never ending love, a perfect disguise
I can hide behind and delay my demise

Love me anyway you can, I know you'll understand
Love me for who I am, let me be your man

I won't quit myself, or give up on you
What we share, I can't bear to lose
She watches over me when I am down
She lifts me up, when I am found
Track Name: Gravedigger
I'm spending my time as a grave digger
Find a hole to make a bit bigger
From poison or a pulled trigger
It's old news to a grave digger

Was a nice man from the outside
When the eyes turned, tanned his wife's hide
Had a cold heart and a loose hand
So she asked me to make a last stand

With a soft heart and some stained hands
And a dark place for a dark man
Got my shovel down on a ground patch
Crack an egg for a plan to hatch

Weeks became a month straight
Watch a man sin watch yourself hate
A new moon and a cloudy night
tired arms put up less fight

My secret I’ll hold near
I took the step, thats clear
no turning back from what's done
save your sympathy, I want none
Track Name: Fadin' Away
Fill my lungs with silence, fill my heart with coal
Take my dreams, take my youth, take my life, take my soul

Feel the pain burn deep, feel the cold inside my chest
Throw away all I've given, lay me down to rest

I wander through the forest, I sleep among the trees
I bend to your wisdom, I fall down on my knees

Throw me away when I stand pick me up when I fall
Watch me spill all my sadness, watch me burn, watch me crawl

And I feel my mind fadin away, I feel my hand start to shake
It tearing me apart, I'm waiting for the day,
when from this dream I know I will wake

What I have is not, at all what I want
You voice fills my head, my dreams you haunt
I put these chains on myself, oh lord what have I done
Free my hand reaching out, to the cold steel of this gun
Track Name: 50 Years Gone
Fifty years gone, you're singing his song
sure as the day he stood by
as the sound grabs air, lingering there
till it joins the rest in the sky

his paper was new like knew what to do
he wrote down each thought in his mind
inking his heart was the fast place to start
kept it as one of the kind

what can you do, now that its through
unchangeably molds to its home
notes passed around, lost before found
memories etched into stone

songs that were then, playing again
new to the crowds that come in
strings stay the same after they're changed
they remember when the songs begin

I cant take the credit, cant take the blame
remember each one like they're all just the same
and I'll snag up coattails and ride them to fame
the sounds of each moment sharing a name

So take each dime, play it just one more time
songs like an old friend to me
wrote it for you with nothing to prove
still listening though he can't be seen